CINNUG – June 2007 MVP Presentation by Scott Cate

The Cincinnati .Net Users Group meets on Tuesday, June 14th in Mason. I haven’t attended one of these meetings yet, but I’m interested in going.

Scott Cate is doing the presentation on MVP with .NET. I’m very curious how it relates to the MVP I’m using based on Billy McCafferty’s enterprise sample here – I’ve been using this architecture on my current project and finding it to be very efficient and has good layering and separation of concerns.

It would be a big bonus if he mentions Castle’s Monorail as well – that is the direction I want to go with my future projects.

Monorail moves away from the WebForm leaky abstraction model and uses more of a front controller pattern with a HttpHandler handling the requests.  It still uses the underlying pipeline (note: vs. webform).  So you can use the ASP.NET Membership API, etc… Monorail has ‘filters’ to assist with this – very cool!
There are other MVC solutions that I know of : Subsonic and the Web Factory by the Patterns and Practices team. Subsonic looks interesting to me – the Web Factory I haven’t explored too much though. The solutions built by the P&P team seem ‘heavy’ to me – but they do include a IoC Object Builder. I’m biased though to the Castle’s Windor IoC container. It’s been easy to implement and lightweight – plays well with NHibernate, ActiveRecord and Monorail.

I’ll try to write up by thoughts after the presentation, I’m looking forward to this one! It’s always good to get different perspectives and to learn from others, otherwise I get stagnant in my thoughts 🙂


3 thoughts on “CINNUG – June 2007 MVP Presentation by Scott Cate

  1. Hey Steve, Thanks for the write up. My Ohio tour is going to be great. I checked out McCafferty’s enterprise sample and didn’t see an MV(P|C) sample jump out at me, but I’m sure it’s in a code sample or something.

    My demo is pretty basic, and from your post, it sounds like you’re already up to speed on what I’m going to cover. My core product lines do use the Castle Container – what a phenomenal product!

    Here is a link to a page, that gives an example of what I’m going to talk about at the meeting.

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