Monorail Samples

Not a big post or anything, but I finally made some progress on Monorail. One of my initial frustrations was the inability to find examples that matched the documentation. A post on the Monorail forum proved to be beneficial: 1. they updated the solutions to work with VS 2005. 2. I learned that all the samples will use the current build, and will be updated to match the current build.

This is invaluable, as many times, as an OSS project, the documentation is sometimes the last thing updated. So, these samples show how to do things with Monorail, such as using ajax to dynamically update the page.

I was able to get some important samples to run!

I’ve been asked to give a presentation on Monorail in the fall, which I must admit, has helped motivate me to learn more about Monorail. I think it’s a much cleaner solution than webforms, especially since it calls the controller first vs. the webforms you are forced to call the controller from the view!

I’ll hopefully post more later on these subjects… 🙂


I’d recommend looking at Hammett’s ‘Monorail JS Generation’ sample.  This includes a n Ajax enabled Monorail sample.


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