ActiveWriter Update

Altinoren (see Blogroll to right) has released an update to ActiveWriter. ActiveWriter is a visual tool that is integrated into Visual Studio for mapping Castle’s * ActiveRecord (ORM tool that utilizes attributes on top of NHibernate as well as other features) to the database. ie. You can simply drag and drop the tables from your database to the ActiveWriter UI and it will graphically show the classes and the relationships between tables. All classes are created as partial classes to extend them where needed.

” ActiveWriter is a visual designer, an addin for Visual Studio 2005, to design a domain model and to generate code decorated with ActiveRecord attributes.”

If you are familiar with Linq to SQL, it utilizes the same interface (DSLTools redistributable is included in the install).

Definitely a winner, a part of Castle’s Contrib, so it deserves a sales pitch (yes, it’s free as well).  (A side note: it will generate NHibernate hbm.xml files as well)
Another great positive is issues can be submited through Castle’s contrib with Jira tickets, but the main developer (
Gokhan Altinoren) has always been very responsive to any questions asked, etc…

The link to the new build binaries is here

Thanks Gokhan!

*The Castle project includes among other open source tools, Windsor Container (IoC container – I love it), Monorail (a true MVC alternative to WebForms that uses at it’s core with httphandler/modules) and ActiveRecord.


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