Dynamic List Sorting

Johannes Hansen has a nice article on dynamic list sorting with Generics with source code

From his article:

So how do you use this comparer? Well, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:S


string orderBy = "FirstName, LastName DESC"; // 1

DynamicComparer<Person> comparer = new DynamicComparer<Person>(orderBy); // 2

persons.Sort(comparer.Compare); // 3
  1. Declare a sort string or a SortProperty array. Note: This could be created and maintained by a custom editgrid.
  2. Declare an instance of the DynamicComparer class using the generic constructor.
  3. Call the sort method on the List<Person>.

That’s it!

So what’s going on behind the scenes? Let’s begin at line 2 of the previous example. At the time of instantiation of the DynamicComparer, the class will first parse the input string into a SortProperty array. These SortProperties will then be validated against the type we specified when instantiating the DynamicComparer, in this case, “Person”. This validation checks if the Person class is public, if it has any public properties named “FirstName” and “LastName”, if these properties are readable, and finally, if these properties are of a type that implements the IComparable interface. If any of these validations fail, the class will throw an exception. If the validation succeeds, the class will then generate a dynamic method using the specified SortPropertyies and instantiate an internal delegate pointing to the method. The “Compare” method on the DynamicComparer will then in turn be able to invoke this delegate when called. This means that the comparer is ready for use.

Note: If you want to change the sorting of an instance of the DynamicComparer, you can call the “Initialize” method on the instance and pass in a new ORDER BY string or a SortProperty array.

At the next step, we call the “Sort” method on the “persons” list passing in a reference to the comparer.Compare method.

Very slick! Again, his source code is in the article, I suggest checking out the performance gains.


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