The Builder Pattern

Nat Pryce has a good blog post on using the Builder pattern.

I especially like the result:

"Another benefit is that the test code is easier to write and read because the parameters are clearly identified. Compare:"

TestAddresses.newAddress( "Sherlock Holmes", "222b Baker Street", "London", "NW1"); to: new AddressBuilder() .withName("Sherlock Holmes") .withStreet("222b Baker Street") .withCity("London") .withPostCode("NW1", "3RX") .build();

I hope to find some opportunities to use this in the code I write.  This is the type of syntax I really like in the NHibernate ICriteria queries that are built.

Update: the correct term is ‘fluent interfaces’ – here is another example from the Eleutian SpeakENG blog on ‘Fluent Fixtures’


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