ALT.NET – MVP – Scott Guthrie

Read here first 🙂

I think this will be the best thing out of ASP.NET – hopefully will mark the end of the complex and illusionary webform engine.

Those familiar with Monorail will know this is good 🙂

I know the idea is to allow different view engines, so I think this will be a hit.

If we had the community developing ViewComponents for Monorail in the same way we have control developers for webforms (ie. Telerik), there would be no reason to use webforms any longer.

Cool stuff. Code behind is over abused and too easy to dump logic in it.

I just reviewed some code this week and shook my head at all the code in the code behind, a bad mix of business logic and overly complex view logic… ouch! 🙂

I wish I could been at I wish the team and it’s architects were there too. It’s too easy to get bogged down into MS stuff to see outside the box. And there is a ton of good, solid stuff out there.

Update: more information – Jeffrey Palermo blogs some good details.

Update 2: Scott Guthrie has posted about it on his blog here.

Update 3: Monorail vs. System.Web.MVC – interesting read by a Monorail shop blogger ‘Eleutian’


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