Script#, Ext# – Write ExtJS code in C#

That is quite a title I know – where did all this come from?

1. Chocolate: Nikhil, a programmer for the team has a blog here that covers Script# Script# is basically the equivalent of the GWT for Java. It allows a C# developer to write C# which in turns creates the corresponding javascript.

2. Peanut Butter: ExtJS library – is a powerful javascript library – very rich!

So, yes, the chocolate in the peanut butter results in ‘Ext#’

Here is a sample result

Let’s just say, there are some very smart people out there 🙂


One thought on “Script#, Ext# – Write ExtJS code in C#

  1. did some work in creating a Script# import library for Ext JS 3.3.1 and hosted on codeplex.

    The project can be found at

    For the last two years, Script# has developed a lot with good documentation and compatibility for major browsers.

    I hope that the extsharp library will be some use to all of us.

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