Intellisense for NVelocity – Monorail

Jonathon Rossi has release an updated version of CVSI (Castle Visual Studio Integration) here – more here.

I’ll be trying it out tonight and will give some input.

Thanks Jonathon!

update: some instructions on installation:

This release is like all the update releases I have made and it only comes with the assemblies, you will need to install CVSI 0.1.0 using the MSI and unzip the files into the installation directory. This allows you to go back to an older build if there are problems.


6 thoughts on “Intellisense for NVelocity – Monorail

  1. I need help to get Intellisense for NVelocity. I am using VS 2008 for this currently no IDE support that i found out from other sites. I have same code and DLL for Castle Monorail with this i am creating application. How can i get Intellisense support for nVelocity?

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