Learning from the best

My good friend Rob reminds me often that it’s about understanding the principles of software design, not just the latest greatest fads that really matures the developer. I’m in 100% agreement. Although I like to fiddle with all the fancy new stuff, it’s the learning of the basic OO principles that continue to really guide me.

Another wise developer, Billy McCafferty echo’s Rob’s mentoring advise in his post ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giant’s’. The simple fact is that development is not only a science, but I feel an art as well. As a developer, I must admit I get a bit unsettled when looking at modifying API’s such as working with Biztalk, vs. working directly with code. At the same time you can, I believe, incorporate the same fundamentals with any of these technologies – Single Responsibility Principle, Loosely coupled and cohesive, etc…

What really sums it up I believe is that a principle that lives deep to my heart – ‘our challenges in life build our character’. We must see our challenges in this light.

Rob really illustrates this in his post ‘The Pain of Learning is Worth It‘ and ‘You Gotta Have Faith‘. I was glad to read these because it’s a true lesson in life, that as you climb each mountain, no matter how tough or daunting it might seem, there is a lesson learned that just adds to our life’s experiences and our character. Without some of these challenges, I doubt we’d really learn the powerful lessons at hand.

It’s exciting to have a profession where these lessons can be learned. I know personally that I’ve been fearful many times of the demons of ‘future fear’. But it’s amazing how I can look back and see a path carved out with it’s life’s lessons guiding the way.

At some point you have to really grab life by the horns and overcome the fears, realizing that those fears are but obstacles to realizing your own potential.

It’s good to have mentors along the way that can help point to the moon and remind me not to be focused on the finger pointing but the moon itself!


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