ASP.NET MVC Source Refresh Preview

Scott Guthrie has posted on update on mvc, outlining some new features and upcoming changes…

The testing with the ActionResult on the action looks good.  I also noticed they internally use Moq to do their mocking.  Moq is very slick!  What is really good to see is that this framework is being built with testing in mind.  That is a big deal that shouldn’t be overlooked or brushed off lightly.  Very refreshing !

Other changes include empty ‘RenderView’ calls that default to the action’s name (Monorail did this).

Other items include the new MapRoute helper, which support characters in the url (this should help in the senario I had where I was using ‘gamertags’ that were sometimes problematic, ie. 4./Jg53_Recon -> the url didn’t like this too much  🙂

“Note that in addition to using the new routing system for ASP.NET MVC scenarios, we are also now using the same routing system within ASP.NET Dynamic Data (which uses ASP.NET Web Forms).”

I haven’t used the ‘RouteLink’ html helper, but it looks powerful and Scott includes a sample on this as well.

I will most likely wait for the preview 3 drop, but it’s good to see what is coming down the road (I also wonder how many ‘preview’ numbers we’ll have – lol)

Big thanks to Mr. Gu for this update!

Update 1: In the comments section:

>>>>>> Will this new official preview version 3, support dynamic languages.

Dynamic language and DRL support is coming.  Expect more samples on this soon.

Update 2: Walkthrough of using pre-Preview 3 By Fredrik Normen (great blog site by the way)

This walkthrough highlights some of the changes that Scott mentioned:


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