NHibernate Query Generator

I finally took the time today to get NHibernate Query Generator running in my project.  I should have done this a long time ago!

NHQG makes querying more intuitive then the Criteria.

Ayende is the creator – here is one link that show him introducing version 1.5 (I’m using 1.8)

You can download it here

To integrate with VS 2008, there is a registry key needed you can get here (thank you Ryan Cromwell!).   Ryan has a link here and here (I did this one, not the first one – but I will look into it) about installing and using it.

Last link for the topic – building up a dynamic query with the NHQG QueryBuilder

I used this with my Spring.NET/NHibernate Dao classes fairly easy.  My base class would have something like ‘FindAll(DetachedCriteria criteria, Order order)’

So, my query is something like this then:

List<Person> people = PersonDao.FindAll(Where.Person.FirstName == ‘Steve’, OrderBy.Person.LastName);

It supports ‘Where’, ‘Group’ ‘Projection’ and ‘OrderBy’.  You build up the queries just like OO collection building (similiar perhaps to Linq).

Where.Person.FirstName.InSensitiveLike(‘eve’, MatchMode.StartsWith);


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