Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate – 10 hours and 20 minutes…

Due to getting the M$Shaft, I had to upgrade to Ultimate.  It cost another $180 to do it.  The entire reason was because M$Shaft decided that Home Premium wouldn’t have the authentication required in it’s IIS – so I can’t run Reporting Services.  Then, the Virtual PC doesn’t support Home Premium either.

But ok, so I get the upgrade.  It took 2 hours to examine my machine to check compatibilities.  It took another 8 hours (I started it at 6am this morning, finished at 2pm) to perform the upgrade.  Then another 20 minutes to ‘check my computer performance’.  I run a Core 2 Duo with 2 gigs of Ram.

On the package it said 32-bit or 64-bit.  I was happy, thinking I would upgrade to 64-bit.  But no, nowhere did it say that you can only go from 32-bit to 32-bit.  So another major disapointment.  I suspose when I buy 2 more gigs of memory to run this hog, I will have to reformat and take another 10 hours to install the OS.

Lets be frank – I only run windows software on this work laptop in order to run my development environment.  That is shame, as I would be more than willing to run Linux, etc… if it could run all my software.

I guess once MS hooks you into using some of their software, they proceed to rake you over the coals in expenses.  $180 and 10 hours to upgrade… amazing.



3 thoughts on “Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate – 10 hours and 20 minutes…

  1. There’s something wrong… I upgraded my wifes 1.6ghz1/gig memory Celeron Dell Inspiron in less than a couple hours (maybe 2?) What kind of disk do you have on your box?

    You should get VPC’s or VMWare for your server stuff. You’ll be hooked once you get a pattern down. For instance, I have 4 Windows Server images syspreped so I can have a new server up in a couple of minutes when I need one.

  2. I used VPC on a project that involved Sharepoint – worked out well. That is one reason I upgraded, to get the VPC going 🙂

    That is a great strategy I agree (especially doing contract work!)

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