As a complete newbie, I’ll share some experiences as I learn:

1. a good intro – watch the 5 minute movie:

2. some important getting started with IronRuby on the wiki:


3. Defining MVC Routes and Views in IronRuby:

Now if I could just figure out how to set the environment variables to run rake (yes, I’m a serious newbie here!) I must have had a faulty install, I reinstalled ruby and it works fine

My new dream is to run a MS MVC application written in IronRuby.  Perfect.  🙂  (I think this is better than IronRuby on rails approach)


3 thoughts on “IronRuby

  1. Now that the IronRuby project is very close to being able to run rails, I’ve been dedicating more time to seeing what the easiest way is to run / Deploy rails, and I think I’m beginning to agree with you. Rails should either be forked to be able to integrate some more .NET specific stuff to take full advantage of the platform and integrate better, or an entirely new MVC codebase created.

    I’ve been working with ASP.NET MVC, and I’m beginning to think that it’s just not going to cut it.

  2. Well, compared to Webforms, I like what MVC has… (definitely still in progress, has a way to go to catch up to Monorail) 🙂 Compared to RoR, I’d say it has a long way to go.

    I really see a great opportunity to use these dynamic languages with the mvc framework. Hanselman showed a IronPython example, and Phil (see above) has a start on some IronRuby.

    I’m really new to Ruby though, I had started in on some RoR a year ago and got busy in projects.

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be looking to see where IronRuby progress too – hopefully some of this will merge together.

  3. I guess I hadn’t seen Hanselman’s example. I’ve been watching what Phil is working on, and he’s got some exciting ideas for sure.

    The best path might be to take the official ASP.NET MVC base, and add a Ruby layer on top of it, going far beyond what Phil has done so far.

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