Ruby on Rails

After my IronRuby posts, I thought I would go back to Ruby on Rails, get it setup again and pick up where I left all from a few years ago.

My first step this time was to grab ‘RadRails’ from Aptana.  I setup a RoR project and right away realized I didn’t have the standard ‘mysql’ database, etc…

At first I started to go get it, but then thought : why go through that, when I have a database installed (MS SQL 2005).  Quick google search on RoR with Sql took me here:

Quick, clean, and to the point – excellent.

Ran the sqlserver adapter gem, setup the security, copied the ADO.rb file as it says, updated the database.yml and I was ready.

Aptana has a nice ‘homepage’ they give you as part of the setup of a new RoR project, which took me through about 3-4 steps to create a scaffolding.  I like Aptana’s tasks at the bottom of the editor: Generators/Rake Tasks, etc… so it was rather easy to setup.

Luckily for me it all ran well, and I ran the app. Presto, works great.

It’s VERY interesting coming back to RoR after looking at Monorail and then the use of the MS MVC.  All I can say is that I have a much different perspective of rails now  🙂

I’m big into jQuery – and I understand Rails is more ‘prototype’ oriented ?  Not a big deal, but I’d like to stick to my jQuery.  So I’ll have to investigate this.

Also, this time around, after working with NHibernate, etc.. I’m curious how RoR ActiveRecord matches up.


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