More Vista Upgrade Woes…

So, I bought a box of Vista Ultimate that clearly was marked as 32 bit/64 bit.  I was happy for it since I really wanted to go 64 bit.  When I tried to select this when upgrading from Home Premium, it told me I couldn’t.   I had to use 32 bit Ultimate.

Well, today, I was hoping I could look into moving from 32-bit Ultimate to 64-bit Ultimate – because I want to run 4 gigs.  I spent around $200 to buy this upgrade…

After some research I found this Microsoft support page 


Installing a 64-bit version of Windows Vista on computer that is running a 32-bit version of Windows Vista

If you have purchased an Upgrade license together with a Windows Vista DVD, you must use one of the following methods.

Method 1

Purchase a full version of the 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

Method 2

Remove the 32-bit version of Windows Vista.

Install Windows XP.

Install the 64-bit version of Windows Vista by using an installation method that is listed earlier in this article.

So, let me get this right :  If I want to go from 32-bit Ultimate to 64-bit Ultimate I have to go spend another $200 and purchase a full version (which the box I bought never said this) or I can remove 32-bit Ultimate, install Windows XP, then upgrade. 

Oh my goodness… is that about the stupidest the thing I’ve seen yet.  Wow.  So, Microsoft can upgrade XP to 64-bit Vista, but not 32-bit to 64-bit Vista.


I should start an official countdown on when I will fire Vista as my OS.  Keep in mind, I am only running it since it came with my laptop…


2 thoughts on “More Vista Upgrade Woes…

  1. I believe it’s suggesting that you upgrade from XP 64 to Vista 64 not XP32 to Vista 64. You cannot upgrade any 32bit version of Windows to any version of 64bit windows. You can only go from 32bit to 32bit in any flavor/version.

    I don’t have any knowledge of how the Windows installation works, but I would imagine the installation systems for Windows contain 64bit images and, thus, you’d never be able to load them on a 32bit OS. I come to this conclusion, because simply for 32bit images to run on a 64bit OS Windows contains the WOW emulation layer.

    This are only assumptions on my part and we all know how the saying goes…

  2. True, it just seems that by now they would have a better path.

    The cost of going from already owning Vista to get a different version at $200, then the idea of needing to ‘re-purchase’ a full version of Vista at another $200 drives my cost of going from 32-bit to 64-bit at a total of $600 or so dollars?

    1. original vista home premium 32-bit
    2. upgrade using vista ultimate 32-bit/64-bit (but can’t use)
    3. buy new 64-bit version

    Seems rather difficult, expensive, and frustrating as someone who, quite honestly, uses this machine for just development.

    MS is making it rather expensive for me to program with their development tools…

    At this point, I would have taken these steps:
    1. Get laptop home from store
    2. Format the drive
    3. Install XP 64-bit

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