S#arp Architecture Updated (version 0.7)

Billy McCafferty has updated the S#arp architecture with basically a total overhaul by removing Spring.NET from the fold.

From his blog post:

  • NHibernate 2.0 Beta 1 integration is now included.
  • Integration with Spring.NET has been dropped. Spring.NET is a fantastic library with world class AOP, IoC support, and many other modules. But for S#arp Architecture, a simpler approach was found for performing dependency injection without the need for external configuration files. If you’re still in need of many of Spring.NET’s terrific libraries, you’ll want to take a look at release 0.6.* which comes preconfigured with Spring.NET.
    • The ~/SpringConfig folder no longer exists
    • There is no more SpringInteropController
    • The Spring XML generator has been dropped from ProjectBase
  • GenericDAO now uses the native NHibernate session.
  • HTTP Modules are no longer needed to support the Open-Session-in-View pattern for NHibernate session management.
  • All configuration, such as the DB connection string, is now just within web.config.
  • Concrete types needed for Dependency injection are now declared at the top of each dependency interface; e.g., IOrderDao.
  • NHibernate session storage mechanisms, for both web and unit-tests/winforms have been added to ProjectBase.Data and ProjectBase.Web.
  • The Identity attribute has been renamed to DomainSignature to better reflect its purpose.
  • Controllers now simply inherit from the base MVC Controller.
  • ProjectBase.Web.ControllerFactory has been introduced with built in dependency injection
  • I’ll be trying it out and give my opinion on the changes later 🙂


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