Document Map Margin

So I saw this in my VS studio ‘news’:

Now, I had to laugh, as I hadn’t read the actually post yet, but the synopsis is:

Developers frequently work with huge source files that are difficult to navigate. The proposed DMM feature is designed to make it easier for you to find and track important features in your code and to visualize the overall structure of your file.

So… my first thought was: why don’t they refactor it so you don’t have ‘huge source files’  🙂 

The real problem in my opinion is that rather than add a ‘document map’, how about we add better refactoring tools to help developers learn to get rid of these ‘code smells’ ?

ie. Resharper is good – but cost an arm and a leg as far as I’m concerned – meanwhile, the VS refactoring tools are kind of crappy – sure, it’s better than nothing, but they don’t even come close to what Resharper or Eclipse has.

Address the real issue  🙂


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