NHibernate 2.0.0 GA (note on NHibernate.Linq)

Good news from the NHibernate Team:

NHibernate 2.0.0.GA has been released today:


Regarding the status of NHibernate.Linq:

From Tuna on the NH mailing list:

If you use releases, then it is better you don’t go for linq because there is no release for it and never will be until after 2.1

I suggest you to go and compile it yourself and make it compile if it doesn’t. The patch would be appreciated.

BTW, the contrib version will be have less interest because we want to concentrate on the new implementation and nowadays we can’t find enough time to deal with it.


Note as well – this release does not include a dialect for SQL 2008.


Update: I’ve decide to refactor out my ‘NHibernate.Linq’ code and replace it with ICriteria queries.  I had to refactor this before with moving away from the NHibernate Query Generator setup I had to NHibernate.Linq.  I decided having the 2.0.0 GA release was worth having now for stability, etc… and to bypass the NHibernate.Linq.  I kept all my queries, as perhaps in the future I would put them back in. 

Working directly with ICriteria has it’s advantages (as well as some disadvantages), but it feels a bit closer to the bone, which tends to mean I have more control over the queries, however I do like being able to the ‘II’ and ‘&&’ operators  🙂


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