Google Chrome

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First thoughts:

1. sounds really good – the comic ( outlines some of the features of Chrome – in particular is how they will sandbox each tab, also the ‘V8’ engine for javascript – anything that makes javascript run even faster is good for all of us web developers  🙂

2. will it steal from IE, or from Firefox.  For example, although aimed at IE, FF is already open source and Google spends alot of money to make it the default search engine for FF.  Although, Mozilla CEO has blogged about how Google will continue to contribute to Mozilla.  I’m thinking that it would steal from the Firefox user base instead of the IE one.  But, that being said, I know that as a FF user, the plugins are a major part of why I like to use Firefox – but at the same time, I’ve seen first hand how easy it is to bring down FF with some javascript/ajax  running wild  🙂

3. this will probably mean more incapability issues for us web developers to worry about.  IE6 obviously is the biggest nightmare – but currently I test all my web apps with IE 7 and FF 3.0.  I end up bouncing back and forth as well because FireBug is so good – so I debug and test with FF but then run IE to validate it does what it is suspose too.  It will be a pain to add yet another browser to this fold.  (I ignore Safari right now…)

We’ll see – on the flip side, it might be a brower-killer that competes with Microsoft… who knows!  Stay tuned!

So…definitely read that comic – it’s cool, even for the experts out there  🙂  Not only does it talk about Chrome’s sandbox tabs (and ‘Chrome Bot’ – lol), but explains what happens with the other browsers tabs…  good stuff in and of itself  🙂

I watched the launch today, read the comic – I’m impressed…

More on V8  here:


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