Silverlight and Google Chrome

Interesting response from a Silverlight MSFT on their forum regarding Chrome:

Hello, currently we don’t have plans to support Chrome. We will support it in the future if it gains enough market share.


So, this is interesting, I thought Silverlight’s whole concept was to be able to run on the different browsers ? 

To completely ignore Chrome will be a bad idea.  It’s one thing to say ‘we are working to add support for Chrome vs. we don’t have plans to support Chrome’.

Flash works…


2 thoughts on “Silverlight and Google Chrome

  1. I dont think anyone is ignoring it, there are simply so many hours in the day and its a matter of prioritization. Chrome is new and does hold a fairly small market share.

    People think that in Microsoft there is an unlimited amount of money to spend and people to throw at every problem, that is simply not true. Budgets exist, tasks are assigned and resource pools have real limits :).

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