Post Affiliate Xpress

Check out the sample here:

I’m quite impressed!

From Ajaxian post:

The UI combines a Vista-like “Start” menu along with an OS X-like dock (using everyone’s favorite fish-eye widget). It also has a built-in widget system that leverages Google Widgets. Overall, it’s a pretty nice implementation of a desktop and windowing in Ajax.

The framework itself is “GwtPHP” which attempts to take all the advantages of GWT and deploy them to PHP backends in an attempt to solve the problem of limited Java-friendly hosting services. Unfortunately, the framework isn’t available for use until sometime in early November.


The developers intend to use the familiar “free for hobbyists, pay up for commercial use” licensing model (what their licensing page calls a “what for what” model).

Give some feedback

Viktor says that they are quite keen to get feedback from folks on the project, so interested folks should get in touch, let them know what you think about the licensing model, and perhaps get early access, etc.


What is interesting is that with items from jQuery – like the jqmModel dialogs, menu controls, etc… it wouldn’t be a far stretch to pull this off with mvc and jQuery.

But, that aside, it’s a powerful display of the richness you can achieve.  My question to back to all of you would be ‘shouldn’t you be able to do this with Silverlight’  🙂  In my opinion, this is the sort of application that Silverlight should be able to accomplish.


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