If you develop using mvc then you definitely need to take a look at the MvcContrib.  It is packed loaded with much mvc goodness!

  • Different view engines are available, such as NVelocity, Brail, etc…  
  • Additional controls created, with good source to learn how to make your own – ie. I love the Html.Grid control – really streamlines the html needed to build ‘databound’ html table displays, including support for ActionLinks, custom html tags.  I see a new ‘SmartForm’ Helper as well.
  • A new feature added recently is the ‘subcontroller’ concept ( I still need to dig into this one)
  • Controller factories are a major part of my implementation – for example, I’m using Castle Windsor’s implementation of the controller factory – which allows me to put all my Dao and Service objects into the Windsor container and inject the appropriate Service into the controller, which in turn retrieves all the Dao objects that the Service needs.  (This also opens up the ability to use AOP interceptors for logging, etc…)
  • Additionally, the MvcContrib contains some Filters you can apply to your controller/actions.

I could go on and on, and quite honestly, I’ve only touched a few of these contributions (I should contrib my jQuery ajax stuff – but we’ll see…), so again, if you are into the new fantastic mvc framework, then using the MvcContrib, even if only to learn how to extend mvc itself, is well worth checking out!


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