IE 8 Beta 2

I blogged a few entries on IE8.  First off, I don’t know which ‘IE 7’ they are emulating, because I can open up a site in IE 7 and in the IE 8 emulate, they don’t match. 

I was visiting a popular forum, and IE 8 has issues in emulate mode of even rendering simple table elements/images correctly.

I then open up IE 7, and it renders and displays fine.  I’ve seen this now with all my sites. 

It’s great that they are putting this IE 8 features in, that I blogged about in my last post, however, I would prefer if they just work on making IE 8 do things like render simple html correctly πŸ™‚

Although there is supposedly a performance increase, I’m not seeing it yet.  ‘ve had IE 8 crash on me 2x as much as Chrome.

This is a ‘beta’ so we’ll give them time, I hope these issues are sorted out before they go live.  I showed my current customer Chrome, and they really like the speed, the light weight elements, the ability to run the intranet app ‘as an application’ (not Kiosk mode), the form entry ‘highlighting of current focused control’ (yes, other do give indications, but the Chrome indicators are done quite well), etc…

I did get an email from one of my favorite websites this morning, this site services a ton of customers (a sports site for Ohio State University, one of the largest colleges in the US) and here is their email out to all their registered users:

Admittedly, Bucknuts seems to be running slower ever since we began adding more content and more forums to our Web site. We know you’re not happy about that. Neither are we and we’re working on a number of things that should help speed it up.

But, in the meantime and while we accept that it’s our responsibility to make the site run smoothly for you, there’s one thing you can do for yourself that should speed up your experience on Bucknuts… on all your Internet surfing, for that matter:

Switch to Mozilla’s Firefox browser.

Firefox rapidly is becoming the Internet browser of choice for both PC- and Mac-Users because it loads faster and because it’s safer to use.

Firefox is by far my personal favorite browser – the plugins are great,  it is quick, it has great debugging tools – so far nothing comes close to Firebug – (which you would think the MS staff could emulate such a great tool).  Granted, IE 8 tools are a nice step up from previous versions, but everything has a ‘version 1’ feel to it, like it’s created by them, but not really used by them  πŸ™‚

Well, that is enough ranting about that, time to move on…   πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “IE 8 Beta 2

  1. That message you received is absolutely unprofessional and irresponsible “notices” I’ve seen.

    If you’re site is slower as you “add more content” then you’ve got a fundamental scalability problem with your software.

    To tell people they shouldn’t use a tool that was sufficient for their other browsing needs and your site previously, but your new changes have rendered it insufficient, then you (Bucknuts) created the problem. Period.

  2. Browser X is faster than browser Y statistically. To say ‘you’re pages will load faster with browser Y’ seems acceptable to me? It is what it is right?

    Let’s all just face the reality that many people out there using IE do so because it comes with their computer and they aren’t technically savy enough to realize there are other browser options.

    They aren’t saying ‘don’t use IE’, they are simply saying that FF is faster, therefore you can run FF and have pages load quicker.

    As far as content, they provide alot of content, and as a user of the site, I appreciate the content they offer. Personally, it all loads just fine for me in FF3, so I’m happy with their site and level of content.

    I’m sure if they remove valuable content it would run faster, but the point of their site is to show content Ryan πŸ™‚

  3. By the way, they don’t try to make excuses about the content:

    “Admittedly, Bucknuts seems to be running slower ever since we began adding more content and more forums to our Web site”

    I think to say this without excuses is professional. I know I appreciated them not hiding that fact.

    IMO it’s quite costly to need to code up significantly differently with IE vs. the other browsers. For example, Chrome and FF3, I notice they render very similiarly. If I can make one work , the other works. But when I open up IE, I have to do a bunch of work arounds. I think this is very costly to companies.

    Let’s take IE 8 – in what I’ve seen, they have to release an ’emulated IE7′ feature because quite honestly, the pages rendering in IE 8 have issues. At the same time, those pages look and run fine in FF3, Safari, Chrome, etc…

    A bit off topic, but hey, you got me started – lol

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