ASP.NET Dynamic Language Support

From Codeplex:

In this release, we’ve updated the DLR support to the latest versions of the DLR and IronPython. Currently, this release does not include Language Services Support and project templates, though we plan to update this project with the new language services support when it become ready.
Instead, we’ve included two examples that make use of the DLR, a WebForms example and an ASP.NET MVC example.

I’m excited to see this because I like the syntax and capability of Python – this to me is a major milestone.  I look forward to seeing more releases – especially with the ASP.NET mvc samples (to include controller support as well as intellisense/Visual studio integration)

ASP.NET MVC IronPython Sample*
example, 3560K, uploaded Sep 23 – 213 downloads

ASP.NET WebForms IronPython Sample*
example, 956K, uploaded Sep 23 – 168 downloads

ASP.NET Dynamic Language Runtime Support Documentation*
documentation, 34K, uploaded Sep 23 – 189 downloads

(* All three links can be found here: )

(Side note, I’ve been learning more about python, using some tools from ActiveState, ie. Komodo Edit)


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