Silverlight 2 (Release Tommorow) – Eclipse Plugin

eWeek has an article that mentions the release and our funding for an open-source project to create an Eclipse plug-in for Silverlight.  My personal opinion is I can’t imagine using Eclipse for Silverlight development on the PC given the availability of Visual Studio…. but on the Mac, if/when such a thing is available… that would be very different. (Of course, this is a personal preference)

A few guys in the SDS office will like to hear this (we have some with fruits..errrr macs that like Eclipse! Rob?)

One of these days I will dive in, I am currently reading about ‘Prism’ – in an article in the next/recent MSDN magazine, entitled ‘Patterns for Building Composite Applications with Prism’  – very cool stuff.

I hope Silverlight really takes off – the idea of building RIA with XAML and C# is great – I never got into Flash – with the tools in Studio now I think it will make for a great programming environment.



It’s tommorow…  🙂

Jesse Liberty’s Release Guide:

ScottGu on the release:

Silverlight Getting Started:


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