Interesting posts of the week

Couple of good reads I wanted to comment on this week:

1. Jeremy Miller on ‘Evolution of a Developer’:

Developers are all on a journey, some are comfortable with the ‘this is how I’ve always done it’ , others just want to ‘use a hammer’, others are progressing forward, asking questions on ‘is there a better way’, etc… I think it’s definitely an evolutionary process.  I know for myself, I can definitely relate to the progression.   But again, we are all on a journey with it – some in different spots.

I did chuckle with the line of "where should this code go?" – I know I’m always questioning it – sometimes I see it, sometimes I don’t.  The journey from ‘coder to craftsmanship’ is full of reward I think – and in the long run, it helps the industry. 

I’ve seen (and written!) code that was just thrown at a problem, and some would still justify it, but it’s costly and in the long run, whatever was gained by just slapping it together was lost later down the line.

I do caution though on the idea of ‘over engineering’  – but that is sometimes a hard line to draw and many would have differing views of what that is. 

2. Billy McCafferty on ‘A Gem of a Lesson from Rails’

I wondered what Billy was up to – as he talks about his Sharp Architecture for mvc in that post, I had assumed he was doing a mvc project  :)  So it was interesting to read his experience in working on a Ruby on Rails project.

These types of posts always inspire me to want to reach and learn other technologies and how they differ from what I’m doing.  It can be so easy to get locked into what I’m doing everyday.  ie. I have desired to learn more about WPF, yet at the same time, there is so much to learn and build in this mvc application that uses Windsor, NHibernate, jQuery, etc… that it barely allows me to keep my head above the water!


Thanks to Jeremy and Billy for their enlightening posts of the week – it’s the simple things that seem to inspire me the most!


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