Scott Guthrie on Upcoming ASP.NET Release Candidate

Scott shared today on some changes coming to the mvc release candidate.

I. He starts with the option (default now) of ‘no-code behind’ pages.  Very nice!

ie. Inherits=”System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage<Model>”

(I’m not sure how this will work with generics (ie. a simple view of IList<Things>)

Personally I think this is a great move.  99% of my files don’t have code behind – and the only ones that ‘did’ were refactored (I had used a repeater on a few pages, then later replaced with the MvcContrib Grid)

II. The HTML/Ajax helpers will now enable expression syntax.

I’ve been doing something similiar lately after examing how the MvcContrib Gridview was built, in order to do other controls with jquery, ie. TabViews, Treeviews, etc…

I hope and think that this will greatly speed up the development of those controls.

III. Scaffolding support

This one looks interesting – definitely check it out.  At the very least, I see it as a RAD capability, that would then allow easy modification if needed. 

IV. MSBuild Tasks for the View

(Hey Ryan!) – this is excellent news!  I’ve told my friend Ryan several times – ‘I wish the build would pick up on any html helper errors’.  This will save a ton of time, as it wouldn’t be until runtime that a problem would be spotted (although Resharper was good as picking it up – *if* you saw it – lol)

So, looks like more goodies, the framework begins to flush out a bit – looks all good – and nothing that appears to be major breaking changes (whew).  But we’ll see… the cost of doing MVC… 100% worth it.



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