jQuery 1.3 beta 1 released

Just passing it along, John Resig has posted about it and is looking for people to help test it.

jQuery 1.3 is not ready for production use yet but we need help to weed out any bugs that might’ve snuck through.

This release includes ‘Sizzle’ *

Major Areas of Change

Here are some of the areas that have seen major changes and are most likely to cause problems in your code:

  • Selector Engine – The selector code has undergone a complete rewrite – it’s likely that some edge cases still exist here.
  • DOM Manipulation (append/prepend/before/after) – This code has also undergone a large rewrite along with some of the logic for executing inline script elements.
  • .offset() – Another method that has been completely rewritten.
  • Event Namespaces – The logic for handling namespaced events has been completely rewritten.
  • Event Triggering – When triggering an event the event now bubbles up the DOM – this is likely to cause some problems.

While we won’t get into the particulars of all the new features that are in jQuery 1.3 (we’ll do that later, when it’s ready for final release – scheduled for January 14th) we do appreciate any/all feedback that you can provide.


* What is Sizzle?

From the link above readme:

A pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine designed to be easily dropped in to a host

 - Completely standalone (no library dependencies)
 - Competitive performance for most frequently used selectors
 - Only 3KB minified and gipped
 - Highly extensible with easy-to-use API
 - Designed for optimal performance with event delegation
 - Clear IP assignent (all code held by the Dojo Foundation, contributors sign 

Code Features:
 - Provides meaningful error messages for syntax problems
 - Uses a single code path (no XPath)
 - Uses no browser-sniffing
 - Caja-compatible code

Selector Features:
 - CSS 3 Selector support
 - Full Unicode support
 - Escaped selector support (#id\:value)
 - Contains text - :contains(text)
 - Complex :not - :not(a#id)
 - Multiple :not - :not(div,p)
 - Not attribute value - [name!=value]
 - Has selector - :has(div)
 - Position selectors - :first, :last, :even, :odd, :gt, :lt, :eq
 - Easy Form selectors - :input, :text, :checkbox, :file, :password, :submit, 
:image, :reset, :button
 - Header selector - :header

A number of libraries are looking to integrate this into their library (jQuery, 
TinyMCE, PURE, and modules.js have already landed support). If you have any 
questions about integration please join the discussion on the mailing list:

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