Rhino Service Bus – Starbucks Example Updated

Ayende has done it again  :)  Now, he has a Service Bus in place – with an example in the repository, the ‘starbucks example’

From his post:

  • There is zero setup necessary, Rhino Service Bus will create the queues if they don’t already exists. Again, the idea of reducing moving parts.
  • All three actors are running in the same process – but each is running in a different AppDomain.
    Note that this is a common deployment choice for development, but not one that I would use for production.
    The idea is that this make it significantly easier to debug & develop a distributed application.
  • There is very little configuration whatsoever. And a lot of conventions about how to figure out what consumers to use and how to build it.
  • The use of sagas & conversations is demoed. The entire buying process is a single conversation composed of several sagas.
  • The customer actor is showing how we can create instance & temporary subscriptions.
  • I really appreciate the setup of Rhino Service Bus, fantastically done!  This is a good ‘simple’ service bus implementation.  Ayende discusses why he created this with NServiceBus/MassTransit around – mostly because he didn’t need all the features of these full blow engines, as well as easier setup, etc… which is where I think most my needs fall as well.

    Ayende has blogged about this service bus, here is the Rhino Service Bus rss feed for more information.


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