Silverlight – Patient Discovery Demonstrator

It’s amazing to see what Silverlight can provide, and this demonstration provides a chance to see what incredible UI can be done with Silverlight.

I must say, when I see something like this, it’s really amazing. 

After working on a rich web javascript application, the pros and cons of javascript vs. the rich programming capability of C# in Silverlight is hard to ignore.  I tried Flex Builder, and loved the UI widgets they have, but I didn’t like the ‘ActionScript’ development environment.

I’ve noticed more and more everyday, free rich Silverlight controls, as well as some great Telerik controls, etc.. that quicken the development of Silverlight apps as well as provide a common control theme. 

I think the key to Silverlight’s acceptance will be the ability for MS to get Silverlight out to the users in the same capacity as what the Flash runtime has. 

There is some benefit in Silverlight vs. just a click once I think – and that is the security model.  Certainly not a big deal for an intranet application, where sticking to full WPF is the better option I would say outside of plugging in little ‘RIA islands’ into the intranet web app (ie. a rich Silverlight upload control, a rich form on a page vs. tons of javascript/ajax calls).  But in terms of an site for the public, knowing that the silverlight app your downloading has limited access to the machine itself does provide some peace of mind. 

But, I’m off track, check out this demo – it’s quite amazing.  To think they shoved enough ‘.net’ into a 4mb sandbox is quite amazing  🙂

Now, if I could only have a dedicated UI designer expert on a project – that would be nice  🙂

I definitely would like to provide the data access and business logic pieces to a designer who is building the rich interface to the user.  In my career- outside of a graphic artist providing me some nice images, I’ve never had the luxury of working with a true designer – ie. someone that really knew how to work a tool like Expression Blend with a great UI presentation layer.


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