Quick bump for ‘JSING’, Linq to Objects for Javascript – http://www.codeplex.com/jsinq

Very cool, as a big fan of Linq, it’s cool to see someone building it for javascript.

(I haven’t used it yet, but I like the premise behind it)

What JSING can do…

  • Write arbitrarily complex queries against JavaScript arrays, DOM node lists or your own enumerable types
  • Find elements in the HTML DOM tree using SQL-like queries
  • Dynamically create HTML elements from JSON you have received via XMLHttpRequest in a declarative manner
  • Tinker with XML and turn it into something else
  • Combine it in interesting ways with the JavaScript-/Ajax-frameworks you are already using
  • Write less code by exploiting the power of declarative programming
  • And for the ambitious: write raytracers, monadic parser combinators, etc.

2 thoughts on “JSING

  1. I have to check it out. Currently I use jLINQ and it really rocks. Have it in production where I am performing queries client side on JSON objects. It performs joins as well! Really cool.

    The dude who wrote it is a really good dev. Here’s his blog.

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