Data-Driven Services with Silverlight 2

By John Papa.

My new book arrived today and I’ve read through the first 2 chapters.  I’m really impressed.  I picked this book up mostly because geared more toward building ‘data-rich business applications’ with Silverlight.

So far, so good – I will post more later, let’s just say it has inspired me to even write this – as it’s a very good read!

One thing I appreciate about his writing style (so far) is that he doesn’t assume you know the technology, and yet he seems to explain these complex features in a simple and concise way.

Part II…

I didn’t really intend on reading almost all of this in one sitting… but it’s an excellent primer.  Covers WCF, WCFRest, Web Services, ADO.NET Data Services – using a plain POCO, Linq to Sql, Entity Framework.   This is the type of book I was interested in – it shows enough of XAML to get you acquainted – with data templates, binding modes, notification – but focuses mostly on the communication with entities from Silverlight to services.


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