Studio Crashes

Not quite sure what was ultimately causing my issue, but it seemed to start with Silverlight projects.

Basically VS would crash just after the solution was loaded.  Well, then this morning, any time I tried to open an .aspx file, it would just crash VS with no error, etc…  I was stumped.  I tried deleting suo file, resharper cache files, disabled Resharper add-in, reinstalled .net 3.5 sp 1 (all suggestions on MSDN site), but no matter what I would do … it would crash.

After some research I found that there can be issues with the ngen (c:\windows\\framework\v2….\ngen ) cache.  I ran ngen update to see I had a ton of errors (scary).   The suggestion was to remove the ones in question… I went to read about what ngen does, and decided… well, with the amount I had I basically decided I’d just clear the ngen cache completely (with fingers crossed).

I cleared the cache, and now everything is working great.


One thought on “Studio Crashes

  1. That’s crazy. Seems there is a need for the ngen cache to flush itself from time to time. Seems also, that those errors need to be brought front and center for the user to resolve. Possibly reporting them through Windows Error Reporting. Maybe they are, I don’t know.

    That’s just ridiculous that you wouldn’t have any way of finding out about those errors more directly.

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