Silverlight: Getting around the ‘z-index problem’

Figured I’d pass this around if someone searches on it:

basically if you have elements on the page that use z-index, ie. I have a yahoo menu that has dropdown selections.  By default the menu items are obscured by the silverlight control.

To fix this problem, you can set parameters on the silverlight object/control:

<param name="windowless" value="true" />

You can also set other properties like ‘transparent background’:

<param name="background" value="transparent" />

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7 thoughts on “Silverlight: Getting around the ‘z-index problem’

  1. This would have been helpful if you had given a code example of where/how to place it in the silverlight code. I am only new to working with flash silverlight.

  2. Kyle,
    When you create a silverlight project with web application it creates a aspx and a html page.

    The html page looks like this:

    Hopefully that displays correctly, but as you can see from the sample above, you can add your own param node into this.

  3. Hi,

    It’s Really works…… I struggled with xaml code change the z-index. But in very simple method it fixed…. Really you Rocks!

    Thanks dude!……

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