Silverlight – XAML – Visual Studio 2008 Crashes


Update 4:

Well… there are others that get this* , and it’s very irritating.

Basically if I leave a ‘xaml’ page open and hit debug, Visual Studio crashes to desktop.  So, before I hit debug, I must close the xaml.

I have errors in my Application log in event viewer:

.NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.3053 – Fatal Execution Engine Error


Very irritating to say the least…

The silverlight tools imo are very buggy, so we can hope as the product matures it gets better.  Silverlight is still sweet, just ‘young’ – in it’s infancy still – I think whatever Silverlight 1.0 was… well, Silverlight 2.0 feels like a beta to me.

I still like it though  🙂


* I’ve search around, I see others getting this problem too, but no real solutions available.  One guy said he uninstalled .net 3.5 sp1 and it stopped, but that isn’t an option for me…

UPDATE: seems to only happen for me right now when I’m using mvc project in my solution with the Silverlight

UPDATE 2 : Actually I realized that only my mvc projects were using AnknSVN.  After uninstalling AnknSVN I haven’t had any crashes… yet….  :)   I like AnknSVN so I will look into submitting a bug – however, I’ll have to uninstall it for now

UPDATE 3: (I reinstalled AnknSVN problem solved …. so far)

Here is possible fix:


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