Silverlight.FX is a fantastic library by Microsoft’s Nikhil Kothari.  He has plenty of samples in the download of different uses.

A small and lean framework that facilitates more structured and more declarative app development (eg. separation of view/code, effects, behaviors etc.) using Silverlight.

Silverlight.FX is more than ‘just FX’, at the same time, it reminds of what you get from a library such as jQuery.  Read more about Silverlight.FX

Download the code, try out the samples, etc… Great stuff!


One thought on “Silverlight.FX

  1. Thanks for the plug.

    On the naming, I realized half way through “FX” might be coupled to effects/transitions since I do have a bunch of those in the library… but my original thought behind “FX” was “Framework” 🙂

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