A New Look at Test-Driven Development

A Behavior Driven Development Intro By Dave Astels

So if it’s not about testing, what’s it about?

This article really boils it down and I as well as people I’ve talked to about testing, should read this.

Read It.

When I was first told about testing from my good friend Dave Wanner, he described it so well.  I didn’t realize it, but I was ‘writing tests’ because I would create ‘senario’s’ with, ie. a console app , to try out a piece of code to make sure it did what it was suspose to do.

Later on, on others, it became strictly about ‘code coverage’  80-90%, etc…  must have a test or you haven’t done your job.  Interesting.

Then in the larger corporation environment, the term ‘test’ was confused with what the QA folks were doing, it was confused with ‘we can’t test this without the database’ , etc… etc… and of course everyone questioned how testing some ‘unit’ outside of the entire end to end wasn’t a good ‘test’.

So, this article really is almost taking me back to the first introduction I had to testing.  Maybe I’m wrong but it appears the language is changed in order to separate itself from the new definitions.

ie. TDD was fine, but it slowly means something else, so now we create term BDD which is, in many ways, the original TDD definition ?

But hey, decide for yourself  :)  Read it  🙂


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