Mix 09 – Scott Guthrie KeyNote – MVC 1.0/Silverlight 3

Scott Guthrie’s keynote was fantastic.  Glimpses into all sorts of cool new things coming down the pike.

Some notes of value for me:

1. ASP.NET MVC is now 1.0 – Futures and 1.0 Source Code

2. Silverlight 3 is beta

Find out what is new:


I particularly liked this part:

  • Enhanced Data Support Silverlight 3 delivers:
    • Element to Element binding : UI designers use binding between two UI properties to create compelling UI experiences. Silverlight now enables property binding to CLR objects and other UI components via XAML, for instance binding a slider value to the volume control of a media player.
    • Data Forms. The Data Form control provides support for layout of fields, validation, updating and paging through data.
    • New features for data validation which automatically catch incorrect input and warn the user with built-in validation controls.
    • Support for business objects on both client and server with n-Tier data support. Easily load, sort, filter and page data with added support for working with data. Includes a new built-in CollectionView to perform a set of complex operations against server side data. A new set of .NET RIA services supports these features on the server.


    Tim Heuer has a blog post on the Silverlight 3 new features. (as well as links to downloads)

  • Update 2

    One new item that is of interest: Microsoft .NET RIA Services.  Read more here (pdf)

    Listen to Scott Gu on Channel 9 cover SL 3.0 in more detail

    Update 3

    Brad Abrams on ‘Building Amazing Business Applications with Silverlight 3’


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