Nikhil Kothari on .NET RIA Services

Nikhil gave a talk yesterday at Mix 09 and is sharing his slides, code, etc… read more on his blog here

.NET RIA Services builds on Silverlight 3 on the client and ASP.NET on the server to simplify building n-Tier data-driven applications. First, .NET RIA Services provides a prescriptive CRUD-based pattern for authoring your application/domain/business logic, i.e. queries, operations, rules for authorization, validation etc. on the middle tier and makes that functionality easily consumable from your presentation tier in the form of bindable data. Second, on the presentation tier, we’re providing new data controls such as a DataSource, enhanced DataGrid and DataForm/DataPager controls for mainline data/LOB scenarios. Third, we’re also providing higher level building blocks such as authentication, cross-tier user state and the like.

There is no doubt in my mind as I watch/listen to Nikhil in his video that the goal and vision of RIA Services is spot on.

Update : my favorite slides in his deck :

The ‘prescriptive’ pattern…


…which flows into the bigger picture:


(note: these are Nikhil’s images not mine!!!!)

Thanks Nikhil, this is fantastic stuff!


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