Book: Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework (Apress)

Steve Sanderson’s book ‘Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework (Apress)‘ has been published!

I mention this because from Steve’s blog posts, etc… there is a wealth of information and his book is carrying that forward.   Just looking at the table of contents should give you some appreciation of the depth in which he is providing into mvc.

Looks like a ‘must have’ – congrats to Steve for getting his new book published!

(Link to Amazon – has a good price too!)

Windows Home Server

Hanselman has posted again about Windows Home Server, this time on ‘how to upgrade your hard drives’

I looked at getting this for home, and every time he talks about it, I think ‘I need to get one of those’

I think if it can store my personal subversion repository then I’ll be sold  🙂



Setting Up SVN on Windows Home Server