Frustration: Castle.Windsor 2.0 and MvcContrib.Castle

First off, it’s really a shame that when an assembly is expecting a certain other assembly that the error messages would indicate which assembly is failing.

Case in point – MvcContrib.Castle was built with Castle.Windsor 1.x  – but the only error I get when building my project with the new Castle.Windsor 2.0 was that an assembly was expecting Castle.Windsor 1.x

I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out – since I updated NHibernate to 2.1 with the new proxy setup (I’m using Castle’s DynamicProxy) I was fishing around attempting to figure it out.

Luckily I ran a nunit test that uses all those pieces minus the MvcContrib.Castle.  It worked.  So I was still stumped.

Finally it hit me that the MvcContrib had a register controllers functionality I was using that is sorta an adapter for Castle.Windsor.

So I went to get the latest, assuming that MvcContrib.Castle would be using the latest version of Castle.Windsor 2.0 which finally came out as a non-beta… nope.

I ended up getting the contrib source code, and rebuilding the MvcContrib.Castle pieces I needed with Castle.Windsor 2.0.

That is frustrating – most of it because of Visual Studio not giving me the pertinent information needed on why it failed.

Ah well.  At least I figured it out and got it to all work in the end  🙂


2 thoughts on “Frustration: Castle.Windsor 2.0 and MvcContrib.Castle

  1. Open Fusion Log Viewer (as Administrator). Click settings and change radio button to Log in Exception text.

    Considering how many people deploy their sites in debug mode with CustomErrors turned off, if this information were displayed in a web app it would provide quite a bit of information regarding the internals of the app. Think reduced surface area.

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