Ruby on Rails on Windows Notes

I’ll try to tidy this up.  Some notes:

I’m a Windows .NET developer for quite some time, exploring Ruby on Rails (again)  🙂

1. go ahead and get MySql after you get rails – your need it

2. run gem install mysql   ignore the documentation errors

3. to create your rails app   :   rails –d mysql <yourAppName>

4. go the folder you ran that in (ie. c:/RailsApps/<yourAppName>) – goto the config folder database.yml file and update with your password etc…

5. after your all done, run rails script/server in the <yourAppName> folder

6. goto http://localhost:3000 


This link helped me


7. don’t try installing 64 bit mysql or 5.1 unless your an expert  :)    I had to uninstall and install 5.0.  Then rerun the gems.  Have problem where it complained about missing libmySQL.dll.   I copied it in Ruby/bin and that solved it (I have mysql in the path, maybe I should have rebooted after that …)

But I got it to work.  Started on this tutorial:

It’s nice being able to do all this without any ide actually  🙂


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