As the site says ‘the search is over’…

Let’s see, take a ruby on rails mvc approach, with good generation, Hibernate ORM baked in, Spring dependency injection baked in, Testing baked in… wrapped all up in a domain driven design context with domain classes, services, tag library html ‘helpers’ and then go command line or pick your IDE of choice (ie. I got mine up and running in minutes with NetBeans)… brilliant… run-app!

From my normal .NET development experience, Grails comes along and just rolls over anything I’ve seen out of Microsoft.  No hunting around for the 10 assemblies to handle the open source projects – Grails is all ready to go with best of breed choices.  This is, frankly, where I would have thought IronRuby/IronPython would be with mvc by now.

Let’s just say it again, Grails definitely rocks  :)  


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