programming languages..and tools… some reflection…

… .NET needs Spring…yes, odd indeed, considering we have Spring.NET – but Spring.NET isn’t taking the bull by the horns, it doesn’t seem to have that same grass roots effort.  I know that mvc is still consider very new, at the same time, I belief this is an area where Spring could have good impact… but don’t stop there.  Grails takes Spring (MVC), in my limited exposure to both  – to a new level.  The MVC model works.  It is easier to follow, easier to inject into, easier to test.  After years of webforms and it’s clunkiness, I embraced mvc, spring mvc, django, ruby on rails, grails, etc… as a much finer architecture to build on.  And all of them are familiar, easy to move to and learn because of that model.

Take grails – incorporating the finest of tools in the java world: spring and hibernate (…imo of course), combine it with a domain driven perspective, test-driven in focus, injected services, dynamic language capabilities, and really for the most part a  DSL of sorts for creating web applications.

I believe as well that future of .NET is happening at Novell with Mono.  .NET I believe needs to grow outside of the Microsoft sphere.  It’s good for everyone, including Microsoft for that to occur. 

I support “competing” languages, java, c#, etc… so although I feel in many ways java has already taken .NET where it needs to be, I think it’s growth still has a ways to go.

It can’t be an afterthought though.

Exploring and learning new languages and tools is so vital to a programmer.  I think it’s a mistake to be too tied to a particular company.  That is one reason I do believe the expansion of .NET into the non-Microsoft world is critical.  No, we won’t see it any time soon, but it will happen eventually.  Perhaps DSL’s like Groovy will almost replace that need.  I see a Groovy.NET that uses Spring.NET (although in the .NET world, Castle seems to hold the torch, and that is fine – and good) and NHibernate.   But I don’t know if that means as much to me if you can’t develop and deploy everywhere/anywhere – portability.

Recently I saw where there are tools for Silverlight for Eclipse – and with that product more support for macs.  I wouldn’t mind being able to do all my development (.net or java or …. groovy or grails) in Eclipse. 

So…what am I doing ?   .NET at day – (and here I’d really like to dig into the service bus – messaging – ie. Mass Transit/NServiceBus/RhinoBus approach) – at night on the side, working with Eclipse and looking at grails and spring.mvc – currently walking through this:  It’s fun  🙂

By the way, when working outside of … ie. NHibernate – or working on a UI piece where a DTO is passed to a ViewModel… I’d really like to find what I consider to be the core of a system… is a good agnostic unit of work framework.  We have rule engines, validation engines, etc…   I’d like to use it whether there is a data context or ISession, or not.  And I’d like to use it as a separated piece from the ‘dal’… standalone, pluggable.  Whether it’s in memory data, from a database, or even just in a test.  Unit of work.  And back to ISession or DataContext, I’d like to not have to switch back and forth – but rather have each tap into the same infrastructure unit of work/change system trying software.


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