Windows 7 Network Device – Slow file copy and access

Two computers, one with Windows 7, one with Windows XP.  Windows XP has absolutely no issues copying files across the network to a MyBook.  Quick access, files copy quick.

Meanwhile, Windows 7 is at a crawl, disconnects at times, and when it does copy , it’s very slow.

The crazy part is that my Windows 7 is using a ‘n’ ~180mbps connection to the wireless router, whereas the XP machine is using ‘g’ with 54mbps.

Even local file copies are slow.

This was a problem in Vista and appears to continue to be a problem in Windows 7.  The ironic part here is that I don’t recall having these issues in RC1.   Additionally, I have read reports of the same behavior that came in Windows 7 RTM but didn’t exist in RC1.

Why can’t it just work … ?

And why does the bar at the top that turns green continues to go across the screen repeatedly even after all the folder and files are showing ?

Maybe I need a quad core with 8 megs and fiber optics to run Windows.  I honestly don’t recall these issues in the past, I think the networking stack in Vista/Windows 7 is flawed  😦


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