Groovy Grails… so groovy!

Well, I wasn’t content enough to just develop with Netbeans, I just had to reach out to Eclipse and get the Grails/Groovy  going. So, ran into SpringSource.  (see here ).

Couple of potential gotchas, one of which will be updated in next release I’m told:

  1. on windows, don’t install to like c:\program files   -  use a path with no spaces… ie. I installed to c:\Tools\springsource   This is suspose to get fixed soon in next release of springsource
  2. make sure again you are pointing to a 32-bit jdk.  I have the following environment variables setup.   And the installer will ask you for a jdk:

GRAILS_HOME   ie. C:\Projects\Grails\grails-1.1.1

JAVA_HOME   ie. C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_11

So, I created a new Grails project…

to get around this issue or disable the native translation by putting "grails.enable.native2ascii=false" in your grails-app/conf/Config.groovy.

That did work. So, off I go again, finding my personal favorite series on Grails … starting with Mastering Grails: Build your first Grails application.  I enjoy the IDE integration, and yet, I find it best to just have the command prompt window open with the IDE, and issue commands via the command prompt window… Although it’s really easy to issue commands by using Control + G (not sure what mac shortcut is) to get a dialog that lets you issue commands quickly to the console. From there you can run-app, etc… pretty handy. I’m really enjoying this experience, I did a quick screencast on using grails ui  – great stuff.  There are many plugins.   The beauty of the plugins…. is the installation for sure.  Simply run, in this case

grails install-plugin grails-ui

Don’t forget your jQuery plugin! 🙂 ( )

Update: I highly recommend for those wanting to learn more to check out:


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