Google Closure

Well, Google is taking the bull by the horns!

Google has just announced that it is open-sourcing a set of tools its own developers use to build some of the company’s most well known products, including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Maps.

Closure Tools includes:

This is quite significant.  Google is on a roll here, Chrome 4.0 beta came out – lightning fast browser, built with an optimized javascript engine.  Talk about Google OS, Google Wave, Google Apps, then we have Android, etc… they have the ball rolling and in their court.


2 thoughts on “Google Closure

  1. Hi…
    I like to work on java….
    It would have really different kinds of experience to work on Goggle Closure in regards with Java….
    I will definitely go for this option to download it…
    Anyway Thanks, sharing your ideas here….

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