Create and Install Temp Certs in WCF for Msg Security During Dev

In my last post on WCF, there is a point in the videos where you will get errors creating endpoints because they create identities expecting certificates.

I mentioned that at the end of the blog.  However, I decided this link and instructions were good and wanted to point it out.

How To: Create and Install Temporary Certificates in WCF for Message Security During Development



(oh and make sure you run your VS cmd line as administrator or you will get this error :Save encoded certificate to store failed => 0x5 (5)     (Vista/Windows 7))

Edit again:

Note this comment as well:

Note: If FindPrivateKey is not on your machine, download the WCF samples, including the FindPrivateKey tool, at

Although note again… this link is no longer good (sigh)… so try here instead  (lol good luck… and you wonder why Ryan… haha)


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