Getting Started With WCF – basics

WCF (Windows Communication Framework) is a fantastic offering from Microsoft that relates to unifying several other communication APIs supported by the .NET Framework 2.0. ( read more of What is WCF? and then WCF on wikipedia to get an overview )

I’m not going to go into the details of WCF but rather recommend a few video’s that I have watched that help to walk through creating WCF services using Visual Studio 2008. 

Creating Your First WCF Service

Configuring Services with Endpoints

Hosting WCF Services in IIS

Self-hosting WCF Services

Creating Your First WCF Client

Configuring WCF Service References


Learn the ABCs of Programming WCF

Introduction to WCF


In video two, you might encounter error regarding certificates.  See this codeplex wiki article:

How To: Create and Install Temporary Certificates in WCF for Message Security During Development

This How To article walks you through to the process of creating and installing temporary certificates to be used during the development and testing of WCF services that implement message security. The article explains the process of creating, configuring, and installing these temporary certificates.


One thought on “Getting Started With WCF – basics

  1. while using make cert the following happens

    C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0VC>makecert -n “CN=test” -r -sv te
    st.pvk test.cer
    Error: WriteFile failed => 0x5 (5)

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