Moving to JSON with Client Side Templating for Views

I was Google ‘Buzzing’ today on this and figured I’d post the same here :

My new frontier in mvc (and hopefully 4) will be implementing templates and moving to a more rich client ‘json’ experience vs. partials views.

couple of resources:

The Telerik MVC controls use JSON I think behind the scenes.  They have source code – I am interested in evaluating that as well. (I’m using their controls, I mean evaluate as in see the source and how they implement their controls with JSON – in particular their grid control)

What you might appreciate here is that you could, in theory, use this approach as your view for any backend framework.

Also, I know ExtJS has some rich controls, they are all Json related, I think Phil Haack had an article on using mvc with ext.

Basically, today, if you add for example, an item to a ‘grid’, I go behind the scenes, add it – then redisplay the grid.  In these approached, you’d literally just append a row to the grid instead.  Very interesting.   The value is going to be less traffic, as partial views create more traffic.

I see this as well:
ASP.NET AJAX And Client-Side Templates by Dino Esposito:

The HTML Message Pattern by Dino Esposito:

Of course, this all assumes you opt for a rich experience with jSON/jQuery vs. something like Flex or Silverlight  🙂


6 thoughts on “Moving to JSON with Client Side Templating for Views

      1. Sorry I never got any notification of this reply. You can reach me via my first name (at) my last name (dot) com.

        BTW, JsonFx-UI v2 is in development with hopefully an initial release at the end of this month.

        In v2, JBSTs become first class players on the server side as well. Now JsonFx-UI is a full MVC View Engine with dual-side templates (JBSTs running on server and in the client).

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